Premium Financing
for Park Insurance Policies
Park Insurance Co. is pleased to announce the release of a new premium finance solution for ALL new and renewal Park Insurance policies.
Effective immediately, we will be providing a finance agreement with every Park quote, making it easier than ever to set up your premium financing.
√ 16.00% down with 10 installments.
  • Payments now go directly to a New York Lock Box to ensure expedited payment posting. Please note that the new address for payments is PO Box 8000, Department 742, Buffalo, NY 14267
  • Cancellation prevention calls made to every insured prior to cancellation helping you keep your policies on the books.
  • Full website access to review customer accounts and historical data, view reports, obtain quotes, order supplies, print payment invoices/coupons and makes online payments.
  • 24-hour multiple payment options available to the insured, including credit cards and payment by web.
  • ACH payment options available for customers and agents.
  • We can also finance non-Park policies on the same contract.
All you need to do to set up the financing is email the signed agreement to or fax to (619) 697-0326.
Please do not hesitate to reach out directly to Mountain West with any questions you may have. Their contact information is as follows:
Contact Name: Greg Cajilig
Phone: (888) 280-0235
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